segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2011

Estranhos hábitos. Que casal!

Gerry's "how to hide a corpse" book

Translation: Sandra Felgueiras (RTP Journalist): "Here also they have found Kate's Diary, and then a manual [book] about corpses[cadaver] disposal[occultation], which they[PJ] believe that Gerry has brought with him from the United States, at the end of July."

.here [at the McCann's villa on Aug. 3] they also found Kate's diary and, lastly, a manual on hiding corpses that they [the PJ inspectors] believe Gerry brought with him back from the US at the end of July."

As documented in former Westword staffer Steve Jackson's book No Stone Unturned,

her body was never recovered.

A body stuffed in a car trunk swallowed by the swirling, muddy waters of the Missouri River. A hiker brutally murdered, scalped, then thrown off a cliff in a remote mountain range. A devious killer, who hides his wife’s body under a thick, cement patio. For beleaguered police agencies and stymied murder investigators the story is often the same: they know a murder took place, they may even know who did it. But without a body, without key evidence, pursuing a conviction is nearly impossible. That’s when they call NecroSearch the subject of best-selling author Steve Jackson’s book No Stone Unturned. Jackson chronicles how NecroSearch came into being, how it developed, and why it is now being called into murder cases all across America and in a half dozen foreign countries to find the bodies of murder victims so that the killers can be brought to justice.

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