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A vida de alguns........


Espionage – Variety Is The Life Of Spies

In the current economic downturn many business directors are retaining the services of security experts or a close protection expert to offset the cost of employing a full time security director.

However for some strange reason business owners often throw due diligence caution to the wind when hiring a security expert or security consultant. Fail to plan – plan to fail rings true as your security expert may be a conman posing as a secret agent.

Imagine the following scenario: …………….......................................

……… Furthermore they are aware of his personal involvement in the high profile British missing child case of Madeleine McCann. His involvement fee allegedly running to £500,000, paid for by the Find Madeleine Fund.

This scenario is real. As the Dublin Ireland born British security expert Richard Halligen saunters up to the priest, none of the most senior intelligence officials from either side of the Atlantic have any idea the marriage is a sham.

The security expert is an alleged conman. The priest is an amateur actor hired by the security expert to assist in fooling those in attendance.

Despite their collective security expertise none of those in attendance had any idea that Richard Halligen AKA Kevin Halligen* is a high profile imposter who is now wanted by the FBI after the Justice Department issued an indictment for his arrest on charges of alleged fraud amounting to £1.2 million pounds......

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