quarta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2011

Tédio e bocejos........


Mobyra MonBR

Anybody know how MANY ppl R supposed to be in ths gr8 Global#McCann Conspiracy now? Stopped counting when it got up 2 a few hundred. YAWN

1 hour ago

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Mobyra (MonBR) #10699335977140224 2 days ago. RT @urcrazytoo: Rachel called Landale's wife, a personal friend, at 1.42 am http://tinyurl.com/37o29qc Spin ...

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By Mobyra (MonBR). MyBoringBlog (YesItsMyLife). MyBoringBlog: @MsTerryMcMillan has a lot of good things to say. Too bad she resorted to talking about other ...

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From: Mobyra (MonBR) Retweet! 1 minute and 36 seconds ago. Manchester: £29 for an 80min luxury treatment package including facial, massage & eyebrow shape ...

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RT @nowaymojo: @KevinMalton I hope they don't get the same cruel treatment as the #mccann family have from the likes of you #mccann

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