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Let's focus ourselves on who did it, how was done, was a involuntary or premeditated action or was a consequence of a violent move;

Who knew immediately and who was in the best position to offer a proper and fast help (this makes me think about an inside job/help). 

What was done after the accident. Where was she kept, was Gerry the guy who took her there or he just got out only once to have little walk and be seen with Jane's Tanner daughter in arms? 

And where is Madeleine last address. Did they brought her home or is she still there? There is a grave or did they use a crematory. 

Who's the man with a iron box of ashes that said "Now I'll take care of her, I'm the father, the mother..." or is just my imagination playing around with me....? 

We have not a single bloody idea of what we're going to discover here, but I can tell you in advance: IT'S DIRTY!

  • I don't believe in Conspiracy. Conspiracy is what Mitchell and the McCann's wanted us to believe. That gave them some power, the power of being connected with people with power to protect them. For that, they use some blogs to defend that idea.
Very convennient... Somebody spreading a conspiracy theory and their lawyers sending letters to threat people who almost smelled the truth. All working to scare blogs that don't buy the faked abduction and their connection with power.
Regarding Portugal, is easy to understand why the case was shelved inside a huge innuendo. The portuguese politics and the Mccann's have the same enemy-PJ. Then, whatever can be used to discredit the work of that police is "wellcome". If to discredit it, they can use an external and parallel case, the politics will say "Thank You".
Trough the mouths of VIP lawyers, Vip personalitys and politics, all connected with PS or PSD partys. Who are the bad guys in Freeport, Face Oculta, Casa Pia, Leonor Cipriano, etc?- THE INSPECTORS OF PJ, accused of fabricating proves, violation of the judicial secrecy, torture to the victims or the arguidos.
The attentif public, long ago find the true picture behind all that cases. Mccann's were lucky by doing what they have done under that weather.
The weather is instable and could change. The new generation is tired of so many lies. A shelved crime that remain with two main suspects after 4 years, is not a closed door. In fact is a semi-open and could be fully openned one day. Probably much sooner then what they are aspecting. let the book come out and be burnned in the streets or covered by dust and spider webs on the shop shelves. It is hard to hide the truth. Portugal is not the USA and the Mccann's are far from being important personalitys in UK. An ordinary group that went to PDL for cheap swing holidays, manage to fool the young C. Ronaldo and Beckman and many other personalitys with help of the Media. The Media that saw on the case an opportunity to save their summer with a novelle payed by their readers in real time. The girl, the victim?.... who cares? What is important, is the publicity and the easy cash that Madeleine representes for the Media of 5 continents.

  • We should pay attention to some words that slip from the mouths of people who knows more then us and from the statement of the only witness I believe did not lie- Silvia Baptista.
Mitchell on his last interviews came with a fantastic word- PLAN. Planned by a guy many weeks ahead, in the small PDL where all the residents know each other, were the amount of foreigners is low due to the season of the year. A plan to target a child who the guy don't even know if will ever appear in PDL and by very little chance will be a tennant of the 5A. In the middle of all that "X" and "Y" and "???" is the rat who tried hard before to discredit with ridiculous sentences, what the most significant the investigation bring to day light. The PLAN, a very interesting word slipering from Mitchell mouth in two interviews where is big purpose was to pass once again the vitimization of his employers and their businness- donations or buyers for their book.

On the other hand, we have Olegario de Sousa ( PJ Spoke Person) delivering to the Media when the Mccann's were on the way to be made arguidos, such sentences:" Whatever hapenned inside the 5A was dramatic for who live it" ( death was on top of the table) and he carry on with: " The crime was planned in UK. The all crime was english". Then, like Mitchell, Pj believes at some point that there was a PLAN. For Mitchell, done by a Egg man, a Creepy Man or the guy he tried hard to stick with crime, Hewlett. For PJ, done by who remain the only suspects in the crime-the arguidos, with their status leaft without being declared innocents.

On top of that, we have the statement of Silvia Baptista, the only witness I believe did not lie that night to the police.
She arrives to the crime scene immediately after Kate raised the alarm and few minutes before GNR. She went to the crime scene and trough her statement we can imply that Gerry was all the time around her. She suspected the all story and pointed many interesting behaviour from Gerry, Kate and their friends on that night. But I want just to foccus on something that I find odd when it came first time to public knowledge- the 4 pictures of Madeleine, all the same, all printed in professional paper, postal card size , all delivered to GNR by Gerry hands when GNR arrived. I think those pictures are the same they delivered to the media with Madeleine angelical face and clear showing the coloboma.
No matter where this pictures were printed, if from a Nanny printer or from UK, they were ready to be delivered to GNR when the alarm was raised. That bring all the saga in to a "BAG PLAN". Kate alarm must be planned and not the result of a coincidental and accidental check on the flat and the childs. G.A. wrote on his book how odd and well tide were the documents, the wallets, the Mccann's personal belongs inside the flat when GNR arrived. He provide pictures showing that. That pictures are one more point against the abduction theory. The abductor went on the flat, stole the girl, leaving her passport, which was easy to catch, behind. On the way, he had to fly ( with girl on his hands) over two baby cottes that were in the middle of the room making his job too hard.
The 4 pictures with a professional touch showing one Madeleine much younger and much beautiful then she really was ( we can clear confirm that trough other normal pictures, for ex, the one where she was wearing a football kit). That photos could be manipulated in propose to captivate the public and to show a defect on her eye that could be so fake as her abduction.
Madeleine could be far from the perfect child they want the public to believe. The stars on the fridge show hard nights. Kate diary show trouble relations with childs. Kate lost her mind or was everything planned before and done on the last day of their holidays? There was definetly a plan... from UK or from PDL. The alarm was raised as part of the plan. The 4 pictures and Madeleine activity book showing on the cover a timetable of events, were just some of the evidences to add to the forensic evidences scented by the dogs.

  • I don't think there was a plan before Madeleine death. I think there was a plan designed in England to control damages. I just did linked the connections yet! Must be something big, you don't have Mitchell as an employee just because you want to... there's much here than we think! But remember, not that much.

There are here two things that are not ok: too little time to arrange everything in the local. If they have internal help, the accident may has happened one day earlier (2nd May);

Or they had no internal help, they just manage to jump difficulties as they came, one by one with a tremendous lucky and the accident may has happened one day earlier again...

I thought about a crematory but truly was to much even for McCanns. There are no perfect crimes and she must still somewhere in Algarve or she is already in England.

The worse problem for a think like this is that a secret is not a secret one there are more than one in this story. Here, they're too many hiding what has really happened ans people change, life makes people thinking differently as time went on, nothing is absolutely safe.

  • Gerry had time to go around the Algarve collecting money boxes but he never bothered to find the time to search for his daughter - these facts that are on the internet should be published in national newspapers these money boxes around the algarve were a disgrace I've read many people commenting about them on other sites but it is never reported in the newspapers or on the news and there are probably other money making schemes that we never knew about.
This is not just about Maddie its about how two people have been able to manipulate a criminal investigation, make money , write a book and still nothing gets done.
If people are aware of facts and have information about Mccanns they should come forward and say what they know they would help to put an end to this saga.
Soon we will have the ridiculous book launch under another blaze of media publicity asking for more donations.

  • Thanks that the Australian police did not sent the samples of Keysha evidences to the FSS lab in UK.
  • With the launch of mccanns forthcoming book they will obviously be asking for donations via newspapers and TV media - people who are not aware of the facts will give money in good faith but this is again defrauding the public.

An examination of the fund, mccanns on-line store and taking part in charity runs and keeping the proceeds needs to be fully investigated. Mccanns fund should be made more transparent, the public should not be kept in the dark and fed media spin they should be informed of the full facts of the case. The money raised is spent on expensive lawyers and PR people.
Mccanns have fraudulently manipulated Madeleines disappearance and their reluctance to co-operate and ask for the case to be re-opened speaks volumes. All the indescrepancies in statements need clarifying. They should be made suspects again along with the Tapas 7 and all told to co-operate and stop wasting police time.
Surely via the fund which is very ongoing the case could be re-opened and properly investigated and the abduction would be known for what it is a fairy story that is making the mccanns very rich !!

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