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polvo e seus tentáculos.

by May I

Rupert Murdoch-, proprietor of News of the World, The Sun SKY TV.-. media who have supported the McCanns, raised millions for the reward for finding M. and run stupid sighting stories.

All party politicians in UK seem terrified of him.

Murdoch changes allegiance as to which party he will support in his media outlets. Politicians are anxious to please him. Does he have something on a lot of them too? See phone hacking scandal.

Andy Coulson -


ormer editor of NoW Until recently, director of communications for PM David Cameron. Resigned in the face of the phone hacking scandal on NOW.

Phone hacking scandal – ongoing.

Reporters on NoW hacked into voice mails of celebs and politicians. Originally said to be rogue reporter now serving prison sentence, but now evidence emerging that it was a widespread practice, allegedly sanctioned and encouraged by Coulson.

Clarence M- worked under Coulson in the run up to Cameron’s election. He is now asking questions about hacking on his phone- to see how far back the records are kept?

Records supposedly lost to the Met have now been found!

Scotland Yard- made inquiries into the scandal.

Didn’t tell a lot of people about evidence of hacking, including Gordon Brown. Now celebs who can afford to sue are doing so and Met is coming under fire for an inadequate investigation.

It has been reported that the police only agreed to re-open the case when Tom Watson, a government minister, demanded it be handed over to another police force.

Sue Akers, Deputy Assistant Commissioner at the Specialist Crime Directorate has been appointed to lead the enquiry.

Andy Hayman, former Chief Constable of Norfolk and former Met police and said to be friend of Andy Coulson.

In the Scottish libel trial of Tommy Sheridan, Andy Coulson said he was on friendly terms with Andy Hayman, recalling having tea and possibly lunch with him as well.

Hayman was the Former head of Special Crime Directorate in 2007.

This was the department phoned by DP on the night M disappeared (-see DP’s rogatory statement.) Hayman was responsible for the anti terrorism unit when Jean de Menezez was shot dead in error at Stockwell tube station in 2007.

Philip Norman Allen formerly Thames Valley Police.

Staying with the Eveleighs in May 2007, waiting for his apartment at Estrela da Luz to be completed. Spoke to Robert Murat about his phone being tapped.

There is also a phone call on PJ files , dated 15.5.07., between female member of Murat family and male, referring to an anti terrorism officer with them and their helpful Leicester police.

There is currently an investigation as to the activities of undercover terrorism officers infiltrating protest groups as agent provocateurs and then breaking cover.

Google Mark Kennedy / Stone for the full story.

Association of Chief Police Officers are to be stripped of their role in handling undercover work, which may now be undertaken by the Met police! Poacher turned gamekeeper?

NR (Nikki Redmond to delete?) former press officer with Independent Police Complaints Commission, with whom Hayman allegedly had an affair.

He resigned following this allegation and some queries about his expenses claims.

NR went on to work with ACPO as a communications officer Hayman headed ACPO

Hayman is now a columnist for News International Group, belonging to Murdoch.

Guess who is said to be serialising the McCanns’ book?

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