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Cláudia Lawrence

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Claudia Lawrence, a 35 year old British woman, was last seen in March of 2009. The pain and trauma relating to her absence and to the uncertainty of her whereabouts must surely be immense for those who know her and to all whom Claudia means something.

Her fate is unknown.

On Sunday 27th February, a candle-lit vigil marking Claudia’s 37th Birthday was held at York Minster, presided over by the Archbishop of York.

Of course, it is true that in his local newspaper, Peter Lawrence, Claudia’s father, was reported as saying that he was “keen that other people who have had a relative or loved one go missing will attend the vigil – there is an open invitation.”

However, given that there is absolutely nothing, ostensibly, linking Madeleine McCann to Claudia Lawrence over and above the MANY thousands of other missing persons in the UK, a CYNICAL bastard might suggest that such an event merely presents a golden opportunity for Kate McCann to be photographed lighting a candle, pictured in every newspaper covering the event.

But such a vile publicity stunt would surely be way beyond the realms of what even Clarence and the McCanns would deem to be decency.

It would surely be beyond the limits of even the British Press, to allow such a poignant and sad vigil to be upstaged by using such a photo opportunity. It would never happen.


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