sexta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2011

Espero que sim, tal como G.A. Vejamos....

'Len Port, international, national and local journalist has graced the Algarve with his incisive and witty writing for more years than he will ever admit to. Ethics and skullduggery a speciality, Len has reported objectively on the key moments and key people in the Algarve expat community. He stands by the old-fashioned principle that accuracy and honesty are absolutely essential in the pursuit of truth - and that we should always be able to have a laugh at ourselves.' Paul Rees.

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#Article TitleHits
1Controversial defamation trial suspended907
2Algarvian re-elected as President254
3Did Portugal's PM “beg” for help?113
4Tunisia? The Algarve is safer171
5Portugal bailout may bring down the government202
6Maddie, William and a right royal muddle405
7MOT scam shocks Algarve574
8Reasons to cheer in 2011222
9Portugal’s drug laws lead the world266
10Maddie sightings - media madness494
11Portugal hopes for prosperous New Year279
12McCann cables spark more WikiLeaks worries226
13Sue Ellen Allen: prison, pain and power414
14CIA - secret torture flights through Portugal284
15End of Euro 8 Dec134
16America joins war on weevils332
17Pine Cone bandits184
18Inquiry into alleged assassination233
19Royal couple raise holiday hopes230

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