domingo, 6 de fevereiro de 2011

" confusão" ... intencional,claro.


By Dr Martin Roberts
05 February 2011


"....the great violinist Zino Francescatti said, "When I say something I expect people to listen."

" The pragmatic answer to that question is the one accepted by most nowadays - 'Just close your eyes and listen.'

.... " Whether intentionally or otherwise, they appear to have been remarkably adept at confounding their audience, contradicting themselves and each other over time, so..... "

... "She intimated as much outside the Lisbon courthouse following the notorious injunction hearing. It was there that she chided the inquisitive reporter standing alongside. "I know more than you do. I know what I saw."

... " more recent faux pas in referring to 'the night we found her,' Kate's claim to primacy in these matters puts her in a more pivotal position. And how might they have 'found her?' "

.... " If we dispense with the camouflage of tautology we're left with the following: Kate and Gerry know Mad…(eleine) didn't wander out of the apartment, as has often been speculated."

....... " To do so requires us to suppose, either that Madeleine was unable to get off her bed and walk or, worse yet, that she could not even wake up."

.... " A couple of people (one at the very least), know what happened, and what happened was planned. "

... " have given us the truth behind Madeleine's disappearance, and have done so from the very beginning. People just haven't been listening. There is no mystery to be solved, because 'two or three people' already know the answer. "

..... " what's the betting the word 'abduction' appears significantly more often within its pages than the word 'because?''

Exclusive to McCann files: Just listen...

Dr.Martin Roberts ever closer to the fact that 'neglect' was made up to provide a window of opportunity..for without neglect abduction was impossible. Reporter David Jones said as much when he was in PDL.
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