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Os odores............

McCanns: Cães detectam Odor de Cadáver


Vanessa Allen reported a story in the Daily Mail on December 25, 2007 " Hunt for Gerry's missing tennis bag which 'could have been used to carry Madeleine away' ".

In the article, Gerry McCann and Clarence Mitchell were quoted:

But Mr McCann told friends yesterday that he did not take any tennis equipment to Praia da Luz, and did not own a blue tennis bag.

McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell flatly denied that Mr McCann had lost a bag during the family's holiday.

He said: “As far as Kate and Gerry are concerned, there is no missing tennis bag. They came back from holiday with everything except of course, tragically, Madeleine.”

Remarkably, in the police file, we can see a photograph of the bedroom where Madeleine's parents slept. In the closet, there is quite clearly a tennis bag. In the police file this is a color photograph and we see it is blue. This photograph was taken on the night of May 3, 2007, the night Madeleine was reported missing.

Ever since the police file was made public, Gerry McCann and Clarence Mitchell have not explained why they claimed there was no tennis bag when we can see one sat there in the bedroom closet. The bag is in the same place that Eddie the cadaver dog smelt the scent of a dead body two months later when searching the bedroom.

Unsurprisingly, the story by Vanessa Allen has disappeared from the Daily Mail website!

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