domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011


" Um crime misterioso é cometido além mar e,

 os ANSIOSOS     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       desejosos de proteger a Sua reputação..... 

incriminam súbditos - turistas-  britânicos   !!!!!!!!!!!! ........

(ridículo ? Ridículo é Portugal não proteger os Seus!) 

 (e assim continua) " 

.......... A mysterious crime is committed overseas, and – eager to protect its reputation – the host country promptly accuses the apparent victim, a British tourist, of being behind it.

There follows a fiercely patriotic international row which is seized upon by internet conspiracy theorists.
And, almost inevitably in this spin-obsessed age, a PR battle begins. 

The McCanns employed former BBC man Clarence Mitchell; 

the Dewanis have Max Clifford.

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