terça-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2011

Obrigada (Thank You ) Elen e Amigo !

Um comentário de Elen:

"Being an atheist i cannot say i send my prayers to you Mr.Amaral (that would be hypocritical), but at the very core of me i send you and your family (whom must have sacrificed a huge part of your private lives in the last years)my love and best thoughts for having fought for justice for Madeleine so hard and against all odds. Yours must have been a truly difficult role and job Mr. Amaral and you have evidently done everything you can/could within the limits and circumstances imposed on you. I truly hope that your work has not been in vain, and although you may not have been able to change certain political circumstances, i truly believe that you have changed the tide for support and public pity for the McCanns. The ones of us able to think and analyze the McCanns actions, deeds and statements from the very beginning can determine that they are full of lies and trying at every turn to distort the truth that only they know. Never give up hope Mr.Amaral, never lose sight of that one day, somehow, in some way, the truth about what happened to Madeleine either via an accident or by some premeditated plan will come to see the light of day! All the best to you Mr. Amaral "

provoca isto, não só a mim:

"Primeira palavra que me surge é "bonito". O gesto desta pessoa é bonito. Agradece a si o seu esforço na defesa do nome do GA e reconhece esse esforço. São comentários como estes que nos dão ânimo e nos fazem sentir que não estamos sós. Os meus parabéns por causar num ser que não conhece, tal sentimentos de empatia."

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