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D. Payne and pain. Transparências ou falta delas ?


By Dr Martin Roberts
30 January 2011


Ler o artigo completo, em inglês, na ligação acima indicada.

  • ............ "Among them, and singled out for special attention, is the 'declaration' by Payne that he saw Madeleine for the last time at 17.00 (5.00 p.m.) on the 3 May, 2007 in the McCanns' apartment. Also present were Kate and Gerry McCann.

The relevant sentence in Portuguese is not complex and, given its point of origin, the original English will have been no more so.

This one sentence, whether read in Portuguese or English is highly significant. It attests to awareness on the part of Leicestershire Police of the issue of 'last sighting', the timing of David Payne's 3 May appearance in 5A and the possibility that both McCanns were present. These data were therefore already a matter of official police record by the time D.C. Mitchell wrote his covering letter. So what action was taken in this regard once David Payne's Rogatory Interviews were concluded in April the following year?

  • Insofar as David Payne's various accounts of his brief sojourn in 5A not only diverge from Kate McCann's but are discrepant within themselves, it is perfectly clear that David Payne lied to Leicestershire Police. Either he last saw Madeleine at 5.00 p.m. in the company of both parents, or he last saw her in the presence of Kate McCann alone approximately an hour-and-a half later. A last sighting cannot be made twice.

According to Kate McCann, in her statement to police in Portugal (6 September, 2007), the McCanns themselves did not arrive back at their apartment until 5.40 p.m. that evening. (Gerry McCann, in his earlier statement of May 10, 2007 puts the time at 'after 5.30').

  • Given this three-way discrepancy, only one deposition can be true. (That is not to say that it must be so. They could all be false). That Payne has lied is beyond dispute, but if it should transpire that his 'questionnaire' declaration is the truthful one,

  • then a case of lying, and hence obstructing the police, can legitimately be made against the McCanns also, since a 5.00 p.m. encounter with David Payne in 5A presupposes that the parents had already returned to their apartment by then, not dallied in the 'meal area' with others."
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