sexta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2011

Como os psicopatas nos encaram.

Because this video is how Psychopaths see us! 

It’s rarely the predators, NPD’s, APD’s who get diagnosed, because it’s the victims who end up in therapy.

The following article written by one of the best experts on psychopathy Dr Robert Hare, describes why the press do not want to be educated and why big shows like Oprah and others wont have authors on unless they can turn it into a circus and why as a result there will continue to be many support groups until a proper education programme is in place and people start to wake up.

"That's the psychopath: somebody who doesn't understand what's going on emotionally, but understands that something important has happened."

Babiak says psychopaths have three motivations: thrill-seeking, the pathological desire to win, and the inclination to hurt people. "They'll jump on any opportunity that allows them to do those things," he says. "If something better comes along, they'll drop you and move on."

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