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" I will not be buying the book. We all know detail of the story from the media. SAD story though!"

- pete, Warrington, UK, 03/1/2011 12:18
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"What has their book to do with the Royal Wedding?"

- Sue, London, 03/1/2011 12:17
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" How many copies do they expect to sell? telling the story of how they left their daughter and her siblings and went out for a meal. I am still awaiting charges to be brought for child neglect."

- J M Harvey, Builth Wells Powys, 03/1/2011 12:00
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How very nice of them.
- Ivor Court, Solo, Indonesia., 03/1/2011 11:56
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"publishers Transworld postponed the release date by a fortnight" Why is it so difficult for DM to come up with headlines that correspond to what is stated in the article???

- Claudia, Cloud 9, 03/1/2011 11:50
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Chapter One: left child alone while we went out to dinner. The End.
- wends, surrey, 03/1/2011 11:47
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