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22.12.2010 | Author: admin | Posted in Media circus


The media circus reflects on the McCanns.?

This isn’t about Madeleine anymore; it’s turned into a media circus around the McCann’s!

They will be selling T Shirts next saying ‘Kate is innocent’!!

It doesn’t matter how you look at it…………. they are guilty of gross negligence by leaving three young children under the age of 3yrs on their own in an unfamiliar place.

You wouldn’t go out and leave your camera or any other valuable items lying around, with the door open, so why in gods name would two intelligent Doctors leave three most precious gifts, on their own to fend for themselves while they were out having a meal nearby?

And all those people who say that there is nothing wrong with this should be ashamed of them-selves!! Leaving children to fend for themselves is despicable.


The only time I saw Kate McCann shed a tear is when she was made a suspect by the Portuguese Police. If I had lost a child in any circumstance the last thing I would do is to go around the world meeting all these various celebrities, I would be beside myself.

If Kate and Gerry have nothing to hide then they won’t need all this representation by top legal advisers……….. They should stop protesting their innocence and restart their search for Madeleine………. Unless they know something we don’t!

So, my message to the McCanns is…………. stop drawing attention to yourselves and concentrate on finding Madeleine…

If she IS still alive!!!!

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