sábado, 11 de dezembro de 2010

Sá ba da , ba da ba do ! Começou o McNatalFarsa.

Members of the Helping to Find Madeleine (HTFM) organisation are asking people to support the campaign to continue the search for the missing girl by attaching stickers to Christmas card envelopes.

The stickers feature a picture of Madeleine from the time of her disappearance in 2007 and an age progression picture.

( doentio, Pobre Menina!)



[Daniel's segment starts at 4:06]


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International Manhunt for Julian Assange - Daniel Ellsberg
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ELLSBERG: Julian Assange is not a criminal under the laws of the United States. I was the first one prosecuted for the charges that would be brought against him. I was the first person ever prosecuted for a leak in this country—although there had been a lot of leaks before me. That’s because the First Amendment kept us from having an Official Secrets Act. . . . The founding of this country was based on the principle that the government should not have a say as to what we hear, what we think, and what we read. . . .

If Bradley Manning did what he’s accused of, then he’s a hero if mine and I think he did a great service to this country. We’re not in the mess we’re in, in the world, because of too many leaks. . . . I say there should be some secrets. But I also say we invaded Iraq illegally because of a lackof a Bradley Manning at that time.
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