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Quais os motivos que levam os suspeitos falarem TANTO na TV?

Why do killers speak out

xklamation | 2 de Dezembro de 2010 

Why do killers speak out? Broadcast on 11/15/07 by MSNBC
Uploaded for Educational Purposes Only - Relative to The McCann Affair - Debate on Suspects Psychology/Media Spins

«Dan Abrams looks back at interviews by now-convicted murderers, including Scott Peterson, Susan Smith and Mark Hacking, and discusses suspect Drew Peterson's interview with Clint Van Zandt, Bill Stanton, Daniel Horowitz and Monica Lindstrom. » 

Any coincidence with McReality [cough, cough] is merely a coincidence.


updated 2/2/2007 5:07:21 PM ET

Dan Abrams is the Chief Legal Analyst for NBC News and msnbc. He also serves as a contributor to "Dateline" and "Today." Outside of NBC Universal, Abrams is the founder ............. " 
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