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PEARL HARBOUR e o medo do Livro de GA em UK.


By Dr Martin Roberts
25 November 2010


............ "The remainder of the piece is sheer 'school of Goebbels' propaganda - decently written, but naïve in its propositions.

What we have here is a McCann PR vehicle. Its establishment immediately post the appeal decision could be taken as an expression of the couple's fear that Amaral's book will indeed appear in the U.K. Why so? Well, in just the same honest-to-goodness fashion that a genuinely libelled party will take action immediately, in order to minimise any damage done to their public image, so anyone feeling 'hot under the collar' about Gonçalo Amaral in general and his book (in Portuguese) in particular, would have set up their blog and vented their spleen long since. 

It has previously been suggested elsewhere that Amaral could not, in any case, publish A Verdade da Mentira in the U.K., for fear of infringeing U.K. libel laws. With the lifting of the injunction he clearly has a 'window of opportunity' and I would venture to suggest that, since any half-way decent translation would have to be typeset anew, any version to be put before an English speaking audience would be thoroughly vetted and edited to leave not so much as a hint of libel. Should an English edition of A Verdade da Mentira play strictly by the rules therefore, the McCanns would find themselves on a very sticky wicket indeed - and they know it." 

Ler o artigo completo na ligação acima indicada.


E eu torno a perguntar:

 quem dá documentos da P.J. , pessoais, particulares a

 Peter Overgrown Weeds , the noxious ? Ao menino pedro silva? 

Ódios de estimação em jovens algarvios contra GA.

Porquê ?

Foram apanhados em que situações? Isto mais lá para o Sul .... pois, deve ter muito que se 

lhe diga estas obsessões de duas criaturas em 2 jornais do Algarve.

Quanto aos de uk ou daqueles que subservientemente atacam a Família.... pois lá saberão 

que contas tiveram de prestar à Justiça.  Como devem ser uns completamente desocupados , 

militam insistentemente em acusações idiotas.

Os jovens com problemas dão muito jeito aos pedidos mccannianos. Enxerguem-se.

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