domingo, 5 de dezembro de 2010

Os Gaspar ! E o que disseram.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Madeleine's parents: 'We can't tell the twins she may be dead'


Last updated at 12:40 19 September 2007

McCanns hire Omagh bomb expert to carry out independent DNA tests
Last updated at 19:31 19 September 2007

Revealed: Gerry McCann's last dance with little Madeleine
Last updated at 18:26 19 September 2007

Miguel Matias, who has never spoken before, said the… "                  SERÁ? TERÁ? 


The Gagging of the GASPAR Statement

..…..… " Let us forget for one moment the cadaver dogs picking up on the McCanns apartment, Kates clothes, a small childs T.Shirt , Madeleines toy , cadaver scent found outside in a small patch of garden under the window, the car they hired after Madeleine disappeared.  What exactly does Gerry and Kate McCann think a paedophile does to a three year old child? "………….

" Put all of this together with a 'MISSING BLUE TENNIS BAG' that Gerry McCann was seen with the afternoon of May 3rd 2007...(Gerry denies he ever owned such a bag) this bag disappeared the same time as Madeleine.... there is something very,very strange going on here. "

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