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Operation LeakSpin -- A Message from Anonymous



This is a classified message from Anonymous.
Mass-publication is strictly recommended.

After numerous attacks on the truth spilling platform of WikiLeaks (including the shut-down of its financing) we have already made it very clear that we will fight for Freedom of Speech and a free press.

But we have, at best, given them a black eye. The game has changed. When the game changes, so too must our strategies.

We are now moving forward to phase two of our war on disinformation-terror, introducing: Operation LeakSpin.

Become part of the hive and join a fight we can only win with information.

Begin searching through WikiLeaks. Find only the best, least exposed leaks you can get your hands on. Post summaries of them, along with the complete source. Encourage the reader to read more. Make one-to-two-minute YouTube videos reading the leaks. Use misleading tags. Post snippets of the leaks everywhere on the internet.


We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

This is Operation Leakspin.

We believe that all the information provided by the leaked cables should be out in the open for the public to read, discuss, and most of all, understand.

We will use as much manpower as possible to make the information found in the cables available to the public. We will speed up the process of uncovering, we will release facts that the media didn’t speak about, and we will summarize the diplomatic leaks into chunks that everybody can understand.

The war against censorship should be fought, not only by attacking businesses facilitating it but by actively releasing all the information that can be released, to all the people it can be released to.

We are against censorship, and this is how we prove it. This is what Operation Leakspin is about.


To improve the quality of the reports, we have chosen to introduce a concept of 'crowd-journalism' as a subform of crowdsourcing. Reports have to be posted, reviewed and if necessary corrected on the Quality Control System. This will lead to an enormous advantage over conventional journalism. The goal is to give everybody the possibility to get involved to bring success with the possibility of a totally independent reporting. More information concerning this simple but effective crowd-journalism system can be found here.


Quality Control

This project has been founded with the purpose of sorting through recent WikiLeaks releases and raising awareness of potentially important and previously overlooked information. In order to review your research for errors or amend the content the Wikileaks release contained, we have created a small utility which allows contributors to submit and discuss potential content for the website. This idea is generally based on crowd-sourcing.

We ask you to:

  • take a closer look at the published files on WikiLeaks
  • pursue unknown or suspicious content
  • review the information you discover
  • give feedback on the information to perfect them journalistically
  • submit your findings for review, as outlined on this

Your report will be published on the main site after being checked and verified by this procedure.

How to submit your research for review

  1. Step one: Go to the crowd-journalistic quality control subpage, by clicking the green button on the upper right or simply this link
  2. Step two: Read the instructions there http://qualitycontrol.operationleakspin.org/
  3. Step three: Participate and enjoy http://qualitycontrol.operationleakspin.org/?page_id=26

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