sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2010

O muito empenhado Archbishop of York

Cláudia Lawrence e Madeleine e o sempre empenhado em orações , o Archbishop of York.

( óbvio que estas duas Pessoas devem ser sempre recordadas. Rezar pela Paz às Suas..... )

O Pai de Cláudia não consegue acreditar no pior; já dito pela Polícia;
dos outros já sabemos...........)

"MISSING chef Claudia Lawrence has been remembered by the Archbishop of York in his daily Advent message.

Dr John Sentamu, who has been posting a daily message on his website, appealed to people to pray for families facing separation from loved ones.

He said: “Christmas is a time when families are able to gather and enjoy spending time together. And yet, there are so many for whom Christmas reminds them that someone is missing from the gathering. And it is to this world of hurt that God was pleased to send His Son so that there would always be a way back for our relationships with God and with others.

“We pray for those who are missing – for Claudia Lawrence and for Madeleine McCann........ "


Big fall in income for Kate and Gerry McCanns' search fund

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