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Joanna Yeates

"Police deny link to 1974 murder

Police have said they are not investigating links between Joanna Yeates's death and theunsolved murder of Glenis Carruthers who was found strangled outside Bristol Zoo in January 1974."

"According to recent developments in the case it has been announced that investigators were granted an extension of the span of time that they need to resolve the murder mystery of the 25 year old British architect. He will be held by the investigating officials till 7 p.m on Friday. During this time they will either have to charge him or can apply for further extension of time for interrogation."

......... " Police sources say that a senior officer had granted the permission to extend the detention time of the former school teacher as the authorities are in the process of getting vital clues which might shed some light into the murder case. Jefferies would be held under police custody till Friday evening, when he will either be charged or would be further questioned by the increasing the detention time. "

Suspicion grows around

Officers then approached him for a statement - although they are believed to have spoken to him informally after she was reported missing.

It also emerged that just hours before his arrest Jefferies contacted his neighbours begging them not to repeat what he had told them.

Police are still trying to find out what happened to Yeates in the eight days between her disappearance and Christmas morning, when her body was found on the verge of a country road in Failand, North Somerset.

It is not yet known at precisely which point she was killed, and whether her body was kept concealed in a building or vehicle before it was dumped. But officers are increasingly convinced the answer lies at the house in Canynge Road, Clifton.

December 31 2010 at 09:17am

Police have until Friday morning to finish questioning Jefferies but can ask for further time.

Seventy officers have been assigned to the case. - Daily Mail

30 Dec 2010


Joanna Yeates's landlord had been watched before arrest............. ( ler mais nas ligações indicadas)

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