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Falta no DVD o documento escrito pelo....


13-Processos Volume XIII, Pages 3909-3915

Document missing from DVD: Processo Volume XIII, Page 3909.

In a memorandum dated 24 October 2007 (Processo Volume XIII, Page 3909) reference is made to a document written by Dr David Payne which document had been read carefully by British Detective Constable Mike Marshall, the author of the memorandum.

The document written by Dr Payne is not in the DVD. "

" A seasons greeting message also from the McCanns lawyer in Portugal...The McCanns DO NOT want the case reopened.

If the case IS re-opened Dr.David Payne will have to explain the paedophile allegations against him.

AND if David Payne goes down you can be sure he will take the rest of them down with him and that means he will spill the beans on what REALLY happened to Madeleine McCann.

The police witness statement the McCanns are terrified will become public knowledge.

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