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Entrevista, em inglês, com GA

"What would you say to Madeleine's parents?

I have nothing to say. My overriding preoccupation is with the little girl, not the parents.

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Madeleine McCann
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They were left with the feeling that you leave a lot out of the book. And that the book does not contain everything.

GA: Something has to be left out.

JP: Why?

GA: I’m a trained jurist, I’m a jurist, and we don’t say everything, do we. It may be for a second edition of the book, it may be for certain explanations that someone wishes, therefore… it’s my own secret.

JP: It’s your own secret. So there is a secret? You haven’t told everything?

GA: No, but it’s details, anyway.

if it was really a demand for ransom, and we try to negotiate with that individual............"

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