sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2010

Continua assim......ora para ali; ora para outro lado.

.......... "But the voices that we do hear in the Portuguese media seem to call out from a simply terrifying world, a world of shadowy interests in which ordinary citizens have no power, in which virtually everyone can be bullied and corrupted, that has no legal system worth defending and, most of all, is one in which “they” will always get their own way against little “us”. Who would live in such a society except helpless victims?

I do not know Portuguese society. Portuguese friends have told me that there is, as yet, a lack of belief in democratic institutions, a feeling that personal contact and influence are still the best way to get things done. I do know that the portrait the Portuguese television commentators paint of British capabilities and the power of British politicians is simply bizarre. "..............

" The McCanns had government protection due to their shadowy but powerful influence with key figures in the equally shadowy corridors of power within the British Establishment. "



"Fuck off, I'm not here to enjoy myself."



Kate and Gerry McCann's 2010 Christmas message on Facebook

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