terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2010

Cláudia Lawrence, Madeleine e Lyle mais Marie McCann (USA)

"Because Fairtrade is endorsed by the Church? 

He then gets into the spirit of Christmas, which seems to be about buying stuff: And nowhere gets into the Christmas spirit quite like York! 

There is a multitude of Christmas markets – the St Nicholas Fayre last week, the Made in Yorkshire Christmas market and the Farmers’ Market, which are a great opportunity to buy local produce.

 He then localises his thoughts still further: I continue to pray for Madeleine McCann and Claudia Lawrence, taken from their families. 

Claudia Lawrence went missing from her home in York. 

Madeleine McCann lived in Leicester, her parents are Roman Catholic and she went missing in Portugal.

Is the Archbishop praying with an eye to Google news and hitting those keywords? "



Por Madeleine, por Cláudia Lawrence e pelo casal de USA, Lyle e Marie McCann, casal de octagenários,  de quem ninguém (?)

sabe onde estão os seus corpos.
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