terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2010

Assange v McCanns v liberdade de expressão : as diferenças!!!!!!

" Tonight, an innocent man, who wants to change the World ,sits in a prison cell but we are assured he will not be treated like a prisoner he will be permitted to wear his own clothes and use a telephone. His crime ? trumped up rape allegations for wanting a more transparent world. " 

" On the other side we have the McCanns gagging free speech and still the Gaspar statement prevents Goncalo Amarals book from being published in England. " 

It is too early to comment on the part Shreni Dewani played in his wifes death but innocent people do not need spin doctors . Max Clifford was put in place the moment Shreni returned to England .

Operation Ore... lost their appeal..Jim Gamble lauding it over anyone who wishes to hear. No one knows Gamble the way we do and
I can only imagine how these families are feeling tonight.

It appears in England ONLY the victims are the losers....and the guilty are the winners...who take it all.


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