segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

" A verdade da mentira"

ler o artigo completo na ligação indicada.

........... "It is a sad fact that almost all children who are killed are killed by their parents, a relative or a friend of the family. 

The Portuguese police have rightly made the parents suspects in the case, they would  have been negligent in their duty if they had not.

If the Portuguese police want to re question the McCann's and the McCann's have nothing to hide why don't they go back to Portugal and answer the 48 questions that the Police wanted answers to?

If we rule out kidnap then we have to consider possibility that Madeleine McCann died in some sort of accident.

Did Madeleine McCann just go for a walkie's? Something that she was reported as doing, in Portuguese press but not in English press, on a regular basis whilst her parents were at the Tapas bar. 

So it is possible that Madeleine McCann fell down an open storm drain or fell into the sea and drowned.

Then we come to other sorts of accidents
  • Did either Kate or Gerry McCann accidentally kill Madeleine with an overdose of sedatives or sleeping pills or an injection of Valium?
  • Did Gerry or Kate lose it with Maddy, lash out, and accidentally kill her?
  • Is there any proof that Maddy was alive before the meal?

There are no easy answers. When the body turns up then I am sure that the answers will all become clear. 

For Kate and Gerry McCann we can only prey that her body is found soon. The whole truth be known and for them to get closure." 


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