segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

Soap Opera

O optimismo de B.Smith................ 

espero bem que tenha razão. Eu sou muito desconfiada quanto a pessoal de cá, dos ProMcs. 

"There have been many ups and downs since that week when the lights  burned late into the night while the group struggled to think of something – anything – that would help them cope with what was emerging. For the very first time the parents began to realise that amongst all the soap-opera phantoms they and their group had created – abductors, paedophiles, allies at the heart of government, all that tawdry Scouse fiction -......" 

....... but something as strange and disturbing as any No Country for Old Men script: a fight to the finish before our eyes.

........ The supporters of the pair, however – there were 3 million plus of them when the fund was set up, 30 000 plus now – are out of the loop: bafflement has taken over.

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