quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

Rever, não podem. Reabertura, podem e devem.

Ao Casal : 

respeitem a Vossa Filha! Merecia tudo menos o que V. têm feito desde Maio de 2007. 



What stops them?

.............. "There is no such thing – no mechanism, no legal basis, no money - as an international legal “review” of a national criminal case: it is, for too many reasons to list here, impossible."............And it is quite unnecessary. Once again we return to the question: when will the parents cease asking and start acting - to co-operate, finally, with the existing investigation? What is it that prevents them from doing so?

................ " At any point the McCanns can get the search for their child re-opened without asking anyone else to assist except their seven friends.

“Friends of the couple have now indicated that they would refuse to return voluntarily unless they were formally cleared of any wrongdoing.”
They can do it tomorrow. Why won’t they? Why?" 
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