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Os Mcs vieram sem grandes posses= dinheiro para gastar.

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Dr.Gerald McCann Statement May 4th 2007

Gerry McCann Statement 4.5.07
Volume I, pages 34 – 41


"Comment : I can only conclude if the McCanns did not eat at the Millenium each morning , breakast included in the holiday price. 

They possibly were not part of the package deal and the Apartment 5a was let out seperately. 

I cannot imagine Dr.McCann leaving food he had already paid for. This would explain the McCanns not  dining each night at the Millenium...but where does that leave the others ? ...evening meal in Ocean Club started at 7.30.  

Dr.McCann claims he only ate there once on Sunday, but staff members say they have seen him there on several occasions taking breakfast with his family.. 

If Dr.McCann was there and not part of the all inclusive package deal , he would then  have had to pay for breakfast in the Millenium and the first night also when they dined there as a family.. 

The rest of the tapas meal would have been covered in the package trip. 

Perhaps the Millenium was out of the McCanns price range. "


"He and his wife had spent the previous evening calling friends and family about broken and smashed shutters but not one word in their statements."



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