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Os cúmplices.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The accomplices

Many times after reading 'The deleted calls' by Paulo Reis, I believe his hard work explaining in 'laymans terms' for which I am eternally grateful , comes closest to revealing the timeline of when Madeleine died and it was long before the evening May, 3rd. The maid/cleaner when entering the McCanns apartment the morning of May 2nd noticed one cot in the parents room and one cot in the room Madeleine used. An observation making perfect sense if the McCanns were interrupted in the middle of preparing the scene of an 'abduction' (May 3rd both cots were together). The cleaner also said 'the children were not there'  why would she say this ?  perhaps other times the children had been present, because of their absence  she assumed they were in the creche, she also noticed the crumpled bed, this would be the bed Kate later claimed she slept in after having an argument with her husband, then where had Madeleine slept? the other bed she noticed, unused.

 The crying incident ' Why did'nt you come when me and Sean were crying'  thrown in 'as proof '  Madeleine was still alive , words the McCanns could use at a much later date to their full advantage to pour more scorn on their neglect. The time chosen,  could not have been more 'ideal' taking the heat away from the Tapas group who were in the middle of their rogatory interviews and  the McCanns themselves, out of the country 'do gooders forAmber Alert'.  Shocking truth was revealed , not so much the leaking of the statements (although any excuse to bash the PJ) but the fact the parents'still' left the children after Madeleine had asked her parents such a heartbreaking questionMadeleine, if I read deeply into the 'deleted calls'could not have said those words for the simple reason, she was already was only her parents words keeping her alive until the eve of May 3rd.

Russell O'Brien , Gerry's main accomplice along with his good friend Matt seemed to have played the major roles in removing Madeleine's remains from the apartment, if this scenario is to be believed ,that is. Russell said Matt was ill Sunday night and stayed in his apartment and yet Russell says in his statement he went to check on Matts children with Matts keys Sunday evening? oooops.... Russell O'Brian, a terrible liar , an even worse memory for his lies.

Russell also states he saw Madeleine twice the morning of May 3rd, of this he is very sure and then his life takes on a haze and he cannot remember if he saw her later that day.

Wednesday evening May 2nd, the group seemed to want to 'make their mark', drink more, stay longer , move away from the table and sit at the bar...why?  to be noticed and to be remembered. Rachael absent, due to sickness? or caring for a group of children who were never left on their own in the evenings?

The afternoon boat trip May 3rd with Russell and Matt, the perfect way to dispose of Madeleines remains.

 I went out with Matt sailing, I Jane was looking after Evie.  Whilst I was out sailing with Matt he fell in the water, I had to sail back to save him this made the day quite memorable 

The evening of May 3rd,  to create a simulated abduction using the child closest to the age of Madeleine. Tanners sick child ,would have been a   sedated child?.... What they did not count on was Gerry bumping into Jez Wilkins.

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On the evening I was wearing brown jeans/cord style trousers, a pale blue stripe top, and Jane had taken my jumper which was blue.  The nights were quite chilly which is why Jane had my jumper I am quite used to the cold.
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