domingo, 7 de novembro de 2010

O McStroller foi apanhado por uma câmara de vídeo. (GMcC)

O McStroller  foi apanhado numa câmara de vídeo. 

Pertence ao ao hotel

The McCanns left two babies and one toddler Madeleine asleep in a holiday apartment, night after night, whilst they wined and dined with friends beyond sight or sound of the apartment, and there is no evidence to suggest Madeleine was abducted. Poor Madeleine. 

The Home Secretary is correct. The British taxpayer has done more than enough to assist the McCanns, two doctors who allegedly neglected their babies and toddler whilst wining and dining with friends. Gordon Brown and media friends of the McCanns ought to say 'thank you' to the British taxpayer and the new Home Secretary for displaying sympathy in the face of such clannish selfishness. 
God bless Madeleine, poor girl. - c.r., hartford, ct,usa, 7/11/2010 4:07 

 Mrs McCann should be very careful. NO parent in their right mind would have left the distance that they did that night, between sleeping children and themselves WHILST THEY SOCIALISED. - jim, Wirral,UK, 7/11/2010 

Those two are con artists and should be given no more funding to keep them living the high life. - colm, leeds, 7/11/2010 3:29 

 Go back to Portugal and answer the 48 questions that you refused to answer to the Portuguese police - jo, Liverpool, UK, 7/11/2010 

Theresa May should give this couple a wide berth! 

They have no right to have access to sensitive information. Gerry McCann only this week stated on live tv interview that the Government know that he has already 'kept quiet' about information he holds. Albeit he was referring to the Labour Government and not the present Government. And Kate McCann in a newspaper article of today claims that the information if they get their hands on it will ONLY be passed to their PI's. 

As the PI companies used by the McCann's have shown to be untrustworthy, it would be foolish to allow sensitive information to be given to McCann's to pass to them. 

The McCann's remain 'persons of interest' to any police investigation. They should therefore have no access to confidential files. - A.Miller, Scotland, 7/11/2010 

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