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O Martin Brunt..... nosso conhecido.

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British Goverment: Maddiegate scandal how deep does it go?


Transcript from Martin Brunt...very quickly deleted....who covered up all of this evidence????

Martin Brunt’s transcript:

“I’ve learnt some important detail of the forensic test results and they rather explain perhaps why the Portuguese Police are so confident in their theory that Madeleine’s parents one or other of them, played a part in their daughter’s death. The details are these that the samples that came back last week after a British test in the UK, the samples produced 3 matches of Madeleine’s DNA. Now in the apartment, Police found 1 full match on a window seal, a full match of Madeleine’s DNA. That’s perhaps not so important because Madeleine of course had been staying there for the best part of a fortnight with her parents. Now in the hire car which was hired 5 weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance, the tests have shown a partial match of Madeleine’s DNA, which might be explained by transfer onto clothes or other paraphernalia that the family were still using 5 weeks on, but this is the crucial thing, In the car the scientists have also found another, a second full match and Police say that is the most damning evidence that’s been returned by these forensic test results and It shows as far as they are concerned, the presence of Madeleine’s body in the hire car 5 weeks, at least 5 weeks after she disappeared. And as I said, this begins to explain I think why the Police are so adamant about their theory and this of course is part of the evidence that the Prosecutor here will start considering we think in the morning”.

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Aqui, o nosso conhecido, cheio de frio............ em A.Dam.

"Amsterdam is de vluchthaven voor Britse criminelen, dat meldt de Britse zender Sky News vandaag. Vluchtten de Britse boeven vroeger vooral naar Spanje, nu gaan ze het liefst naar onze hoofdstad. Reporter Martin Brunt van Sky News noemt de stad zelfs de nieuwe Costa del Crime voor de Britse onderwereld. "Omdat er veel Britten in Amsterdam werken, vallen de Britse criminelen minder op. De Nederlandse en Britse politie werken samen om de 'most wanted' criminelen te vinden", aldus Brunt. "


Mar 16, 2010

Hunting In Holland For UK's Most Wanted

Martin Brunt reports from Amsterdam, where some of the UK's most wanted criminals are believed to be hiding.

12 set. 2007 ... Gerry concluiu os estudos na Holanda, onde os McCann viveram em 2003

ali viveramcerca de um ano, quando Kate estava grávida dos gémeos

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