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O livro McMorte dos Mcs e vídeo da morte? DEAD?

McCanns sign book dead ITN News

McCanns sign book dead?

Video was later retitled, at around 7:50am, to McCanns sign book deal'.

"A BOOK about Madeleine McCann is to be published by her parents who are desperate to keep ....

pela nutella.

(more money to them)€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€a lot to 

Darren McCaffrey Tweets about McCanns' book deal (now deleted), 14 November 2010

Caroline dijo...
Never mind about writing books Mrs McCann get yourself back to Portugal and answer the 48 questions and take your Doctor friends with you and do the reconstruction. The McCanns are directors of the fund and the money will go straight into their pockets. Goncalo Amarals book has been overturned and is once more for sale ,let us see why the McCanns were made arguidos and stop with the fairy tale.

The McCanns need money not to search for Madeleine but to pay court fees incurred by Dr.Amarals winning of the case.
Sarah dijo...

Are Yeremi and Saras parents aware of this police witness statement from the McCanns police files, I ask that they both read it.Is this blog aware of this statement, I ask that you publish it. This statement is very dangerous to the McCanns and they have through their lawyers gagged it. Yeremi and Sarahs parents, if there were suggestions of a paedephile among your group of friends would you not want him investigated, would you want to know if there were any truth in the allegations. The McCanns are doing everything to keep this away from the British public. It is time the British people knew the kind of circle of friends the McCanns mix with. A child is missing and maybe one of the group holds vital information. I ask you to please put this information out there it may help Madeleine and uncover why the Tapas 9 have a 'pact of silence' I ask you to publish for the sake of Madeleine.

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