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O Blond Power.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Future review of McCanns book ?

Jonbenets parents also wrote a book and from the reviews it received it was not a good idea. The Ramseys by trying to prove their innocence only succeeded in placing themselves further under suspicion.

They also spoke of a 'window' in the basement the intruder left by...but did not tell the police.

Comment: This article appears to contradict previous reports, originating from the Press Association, that Transworld had won the rights to the couple's account 'after a major bidding war'." (

JK Rowling has been giving the McCanns support since their daughter disappeared (morta ou viva?)

..... " The author contributed to a reward for finding Madeleine and in July 2007 she arranged for posters of Madeleine to be made available to book retailers around the world .

Kate has already written 60,000 words, covering the period up to the couple’s heart-rending decision to return to Britain."........

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22 Nov 2010


This is the first article I can remember for a very long time from the Daily Express where they are actually allowing readers comments.  Given how the McCanns quickly set Carter Ruck on the case I thought I would just grab them in case they go Whoosh Clunk just like poor little Maddie did.  

We are all very furious Kate, shame on you.  Mother? 

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