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Numa palavra, diga-me: ( Joseph Moura)

Incorporação desactivada por pedido

Maggie Rodriguez speaks with CBS News investigative consultant Joseph Moura about the search for Madeleine McCann

comentário ao vídeo:

Madeleine is dead and the MaCanns know it (this is a FACT not an opinion), because it was their fault she died and it were them who moved the body, probably to a church nearby. The portuguese investigators did an excellent job. The only reason the McCanns aren't in prison is because they are rich, british and have very influential friends.

CBS video from January 20th, 2008, featuring an interview with private investigator, Joseph Moura speaking to CBS presenter, Hannah Storm. I will précis Hannah Storm's questions and type Moura's answers

 HS: In a word, do you think this girl's alive?

JM: I do not."

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