sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

"Não há qualquer história para alterar" . Por enquanto....


"Done – for now
So we see the evolution of a version in progress, the creation of a fictional story that not one of them could have known to be true, from which they never again deviated.
But, you might say, all this fuss about a mere ten minutes? Yes, since it is a vain attempt to fit their purported actions into a bounded timeframe that cannot accommodate them, just as, later in the evening, even with everything shifted along by ten minutes, it  couldn’t accommodate the supposed actions of Jane Tanner, Gerry McCann and Mr Abductor: the pieces were moved around  the board but as each one was moved, like a board game or a Rubik’s cube, it affected all the others.
When Rachael Oldfield, questioned by BBC after the rogatory interviews, was asked, if “the story” had changed she replied, “no, because there never was a story to change.”
Really? " 
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