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McCanns e P. Boshoff

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2007-10-08 13:00  Verashni Pillay

......... " Cape Town - The McCann family has contacted a South African volunteer organisation, Missing Children, to ask for their help, after hearing about the organisation's high success rate in finding missing children.
Madeleine McCann's uncle, John McCann, called Missing Children director, Pieter Boshoff, on Sunday.
"Somebody they know told them we are very successful in finding missing children here in South Africa," Boshoff told News24 on Monday." 


Boshoff’s suicide leap from the fourth-floor of an upmarket apartment building he was renting in Bloubergstrand shocked many Capetonians including Western Cape Premier Helen Zille who described his death as “devastating”.
But those close to him say it seems Boshoff’s two lives were starting to converge, and he decided to kill himself.
After his death, thousands of photographs and video clips of teenage boys having sex were found on Boshoff’s computers, .......

When Boshoff left Missing Children SA in 2008 he joined MylifE, an outreach organisation that works with youth at risk. He left there about five months before he died.

After he died she found photographs and video clips of gay porn when she accessed his computer. “I was gobsmacked – there must have been 10 000 or more.”
She said there were also saved conversations from chat-room sites Boshoff had visited where he had been very explicit about what he wanted to do.
On Friday October 1, the day he died, Boshoff went down to Peacocke’s apartment at 9.10am.
“He was fine; happy. He said he was meeting a guy who was interested in buying one of his websites,, and then we could go to the bank at 10am and he would deposit our money.”
At 10.20am Peacocke heard a thud.

 But a computer boffin at MyLife restored it and found hundreds of video clips and photographs of gay teen pornography.
Boshoff had logged on to gay chatroom sites with the user name “Olahatzi” where he befriended teenage boys.

Boshoff had started Missing Children SA in 2007 to help find missing children and to offer support to their families.

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