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Madeleine chorou durante 75 minutos......

É um anúncio contra o consumo de tabaco. ( " imagine se ele perde a Mãe para sempre).

bo0fhead | 31 de Outubro de 2008
little boy lost his mum

Madeleine não chorou assim, segundo o testemunho da Senhora do 1º andar.

Madeleine não perdeu a mãe.............. Madeleine chorou desesperadamente.

Justiceforallkids discovered the above advert. It is a tale of a young child who lost sight of his mother for just a few minutes in a shopping mall. The aim of the advert is to provoke thought of the pain a child would go through if they were to lose their mother for life.

It takes little imagination to visualise the distress of child left alone for 75 minutes or more in dark unfamiliar surroundings. Sadly, this is exactly what happened to Madeleine McCann according to 

Mrs. Pamela Fenn whom resides in the apartment above that of where the McCann family were staying during their holiday to Portugal in 2007.
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