terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

LOL. O casamento e o livro "Permanentes mentiras" LOL



Gerry and Kate McCann have just given a statement outside their home in Rothey. They said that although they are very pleased for the Royal couple, Prince William and Kate should have realised that their book launch telling the “truth” about Madeleine’s abduction was due for release on 28th April the day before the wedding. Gerry is quoted to have said ” we find it deeply hurtful and unhelpful that Buckingham Palace didn’t consult with us about the wedding date as we have already announced our book release date first”. Insiders close to Gerry and Kate said that they believe Clarence Mitchell will be consulting with Buckingham palace in the next few hours to see if the Royals can change their wedding date, If the wedding goes ahead on 29th April as planned it could seriously harm the search for Madeleine as people will be too caught up with the royal wedding instead of reading the McCann’s book, not to mention they loss of revenue in book sales as people will be more interested in buying royal memorabilia. Clarence Mitchell will be in talks with palace officials to see what can be done, as they have in the past delayed film releases and soap story lines. The McCann’s always come first and it is hoped that Prince William and Kate will realise this and do the decent thing.

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