terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2010

Keir Simmons antes e, depois com o emprego......

" A nice article about Keir from way back in 2006. Keir, before he knew the McCanns , Keir before he sold his soul.  Keir who yesterday on National TV told a blatant lie on behalf  of the McCanns. Keir who yesterday notched up the Tapas 9 to the Tapas 10 . Keir Simmons , the man who lies for a living without a thought for a three year old child. Keir Simmons, David Jones, Steve Boggan, all in the pocket of Clarence Mitchell and all three do exactly as he tells them." 

“That nice man from ITN packed my shopping”

Just finished filming a series of five packages for the ITV lunchtime news. Now the most important thing to start with is that while they will look like five days’ worth, actually all were filmed in one day. So no comments (again) in the chat forum about “Martin’s only got one shirt” please!

It was a fun day. The reporter for the piece was Keir Simmons. Rather interestingly we know each other from Uni days. Keir was President of London’s Goldsmiths University Students Union when I was........... " 

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