terça-feira, 16 de novembro de 2010

Jim Gamble e companhia

Gamble returns to his grass roots


"John Walsh and the very 'disturbed' Jim Gamble (anyone who names their children after the Soham girls has got to be disturbed) take a trip to Cambodia, John speaks as though he has discovered something new along with his 'now' sidekick, Jimbo. Article from 2006, Cambodia was first on the list for paedophile predators...there is no fool like an old fool and John and Jimbo make a good team as they try and tell the World something we already know. Jimbo seemed to have little success back in 2006 if it is still going on now."

Curriculum vitae
Age 46
Status Married, with three children
Career Twenty-five years in the police force, starting as a uniformed officer in his native Northern Ireland, where he rose to be head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit; deputy head of the National Crime Squad, which fights organised and hi-tech crime; set up the NCS specialist peadophile online investigation team (Polit), which led Operation Ore; played a key role in setting up the Virtual Global Taskforce, the international police response to paedophile crime
Interests Jujitsu (black belt)

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