quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

J.Gamble: quem "cantou" os aspectos " sensíveis do caso"?

Just who told Gerry and Kate about the ‘sensitive material’?

Looking back over the transcripts of the interviews done by Kate and Gerry the other day, something jumped out at me and puzzled me.
Is Gerry simply guessing that there are ‘sensitive elements’ within it?  If so, I can understand that that might be a reasonable supposition.
However if he is implying that he knows that there are ‘sensitive elements’  within it then I would have to wonder how he knows that.
If, as is made clear below in the interviews, the McCanns don’t even know whether the report has been read by anyone (let alone the HS) in the Home Office it is unlikely they got any information about the report contents from that source.
The report was presumably submitted directly by Jim Gamble (currently on gardening leave from his old post at CEOP with no explanation why his working out  four months notice was suddenly reduced to one month).  Therefore there is no long chain of potential leaks.
Personally, I suspect the mention of the ‘sensitive elements’ was simply an attempt to deflect the problem should it arise rather than any specific knowledge on Gerry’s part. An attempt to deflect a potential reason for witholding the report from them.
But, if Gerry does know this – then who exactly told him?

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