terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

Jacob , sem qualquer ajuda para ser encontrado.... (filme)

Vejam os " poderes dos media, apenas para alguns.

When Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped in 2002, months of continuous national news coverage helped bring her back to her family.

 Within days of her kidnapping, at least five minority children disappeared as well. Their names were never mentioned on air nationally. They are all still missing. 

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 In the three weeks after the disappearance of Jessica Lundsford first made national headlines in February 2005, 26 other children including 16 minorities went missing. 

They received no national media attention at all. 

 Jacob is a narrative short film exploring the power of the media, what captures the attention of a nation and the effects national attention has on the people excluded from it. 

A young Caucasian boy from a wealthy family goes missing in Oregon, and the media has the entire nation searching for him. 

Yet Eli, a young minority shunned by the police and the press, is left to search for his missing son Jacob alone. 

Only when Jacob is found dead is Eli’s pain elevated to a news event, touching off a national media storm that for all its fervor, is too late to help anyone. 

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