quarta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2010

O silêncio também fala

O silêncio é às vezes mais eloquente que os discursos

O silêncio é de ouro 

O silêncio também fala 

Silêncio não significa esquecimento 

Silêncio também é resposta 


comfortablynumb1975x | 15 de Novembro de 2009
This is a video showing two working forensic dogs: Eddie and Keela with their handler & ex-Policeman, Martin Grime.

Grime, along with the dogs, were asked to Portugal to help on the case of Madeleine McCann.

One of the dogs clearly found the scent of blood in the apartment where Kate & Gerry McCann were staying with their children in Praia da Luz, in May 2007.

The other dog found cadaver (scent of death) in the hired Renault Scenic, the McCann's hire car whilst on holiday in Portugal.

Eddie & Keela are two of the most sought after forensic dogs in the world & they used to work for the South Yorkshire Police force.

They are highly skilled & are technically known as victim recovery dogs.

Such dogs search for & locate human remains, blood & other DNA's.

Whilst this video may be old, Madeleine McCann is still very fresh in my mind.

The crimes that have been committed in this case are so heinous, its really rather difficult to express.

But until Madeleine is found or recovered, many millions of people will never give up chasing for justice.

The fact the McCann's left three children alone in a foreign country wasn't it seems a big enough crime for the police & social services to get involved with.

Maybe the McCanns 'middle class' status had something to do with it.

But as wicked a crime as it is to leave three children alone, that was small fry compared to what the else was on offer from the McCann's.

I hope one day Kate McCann has the decency, soul & heart to let Madeleine rest in peace.
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