segunda-feira, 15 de novembro de 2010

Fricção , o livro de " fricção" Numa editora de esquina......

" The parents, still the only suspects in the disappearance of their missing daughter. Gerry McCann the last one to see her alive, or dead ,to now write a book of fiction. I would imagine Gerry will be looking over his 'alleged deleted' blogs to remind him of what he said. The McCanns in the eyes of the law because they have not been charged 'are innocent' it is a hard pill to swallow(remember OJ Simpson) when you know they are guilty and  committing fraud.

The BBC do not mention Dr.Amarals book . BBC yet to apologise for the disgraceful 'arse licker'friend of Gerry McCann 'Mike O'Sullivan'. Not one journalist it seems with a brain cell between them asking the McCanns the million dollar question ' How can you possibly know we will not have heard something about Madeleine or her whereabouts before Spring?'" 

"Books at Transworld....Humour...Fantasy and Science Fiction.....Good choice...The McCanns will be right at home." 


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