domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

Filhos de progenitores assim........ upssssss

"The Elizabeth Smart trial in full flow and the Smarts daughters telling their 'story' . This week however, while Elizabeths mother was giving her testimony, she slipped up, Katherine, Elizabeths sibling , (another Jane Tanner, who has future 'memory recall' ) first claimed Elizabeths abductor had a gun, she later switched this to a knife. Elizabeths mother said her daughter was abducted at 'gunpoint' for a 'split second' she forgot her lines, or should that be her lies? and went back to the 'original' story. The defence of Mitchell , if they really were defending their client , which they are not, would have jumped all over this...instead, they let it pass.

If the McCanns accidentally harmed Madeleine, then they have fooled people all over the world – including celebrities, big donors and the pope – in pleading their case to help, to donate millions of dollars, to pray for them.

Ed Smart has turned his daughters into pathalogical liars and the McCanns are following suit with their two small children."

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