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Ed Smarts e G. McCann

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ed Smarts good friend Dr.Gerald McCann.

The Elizabeth Smart trial taking place as I write, a sham from start to finish. The chosen jury have already said they believe  Elizabeth was abducted and raped by Mitchell, thats OK then a verdict of guilty before the trial had even begun.  Mitchell, will be placed in  a mental institution, locked away, forgotten, until he dies.  Mitchell and Wanda never stood a chance, the longest time ever, for two people, to be  held in prison, without a trial,  it is unheard of. But hey its the Smart's girl and Ed makes his own rules . Mitchell , can never be released because the fear is, he may start to talk and although he has been' portrayed 'as a madman, someone out there might start to listen to this madmans ramblings and if they start to listen they may start to think and if they start to think , Ed and Elizabeth will have a lot of explaining to do.

Ed Smart , Gerald McCann along with their wives and cronies , the most evil specimens of the human race.

Dr.Gerald McCann, a well known contact of Ed Smart's, also claimed his daughter was abducted without a shred of evidence. Dr.Gerry , just like Ed Smart, told the police what the charge was going to be 'abduction' He did not search for her the evening she disappeared, instead he and his wife rang family and friends telling of a break- in , they claimed there was a broken and smashed shutter, a bit like the forensic which now seems to have disappeared on the window the Smarts claim Mitchell entered by. It is alleged the mesh was proven to have been slashed from  inside out, if so, this implies an 'inside job'. The window may have been slashed by Elizabeth herself, but as I have said,  forensic evidence seems to have disappeared, like so many things. The McCanns lied ,there was no break-in and the only fingerprints found on the window, belonged to the mother of the missing child. There was evidence , and then, well, there was'nt, just like the Smarts case

Dr.Gerald McCann, also had a 'patsy' lined up for his own childs abduction, ............."

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