sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

David Payne e David Payne e o que disse Yvonne

....... " this about David Payne is believed that  it makes sense. This is how they managed to cover the story of Yvonnes statement...with another paedophile named David Payne..they then gagged the Gaspar statement." 

David Payne, well meet.....David Payne

The Police files released August 4th 2008, the Sun twelve days later report on a paedophile named David Payne August 26th , 2008.  The Sun claim an 'Exclusive' and I am baffled as to why.

David Payne 'this monster' was released in the Spring to 'roam' the streets and harm our children, surely a bit late in the day for the Sun to give us this Exclusive warning.  There is also a photograph of this 'monster' out 'shopping'. So, thanks to the Sun we also now know what he looks like.

At this point the files were new and no one knew how far reaching they would become, if by chance the Gaspar statement did reach some of the publics ears,(and everyone has worked so hard to make sure this did not happen) anyone who was maybe a little curious as to the statements not only of Dr.Katerina Gaspar but  Social worker Yvonne Warren Martin.....two women, both professionals and not Joe blog from the street , would have been taken seriously,  both mentioning David Payne and suggesting paedophilia. This must have rocked the McCanns to the core, not to mention the foundations of Gordon Brown and his Premiership.

So, what happened, and I can only lay the blame at the feet of Clarence Mitchell, only he would think of such a ludicrous plan, .........." 

......... If you at this time googled David Payne paedophile, who should pop up......very rare to have a photograph in the press of a paedophile out shopping don't you think?
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